Man Up & Wear Jewellery: An Expert Guide To Choosing Masculine Jewellery

Men have worn jewellery throughout most of human history. It’s only in more recent times that it’s been thought of as a more feminine trait. 

In reality, men’s jewellery can add sophistication and masculine charm to any look you want to pull off. Getting it right is about choosing the right jewellery for the right outfit. 

Check out this expert guide to choosing masculine jewellery to learn how you can give your style an upgrade with some well-chosen pieces. 

Keep It Simple 

When it comes to necklaces, you should aim to add just enough dimension to elevate your look. Your outfit should remain the focal point, so go for necklaces that are simpler or minimalist in nature. 

A plain silver chain goes with almost any outfit, while leather banded ones look great for a casual look. If you’re going to wear a beaded necklace, make sure its design is subtle and wear it only over casual clothing. 


Most men wear watches, but you could pull off a fresh look by layering yours with bracelets. The trick is in choosing ones that match your watch. Stick to colour tones that are neutral or dark, but you can also wear the odd one that is brightly coloured to create visual interest. 

To ensure that you get a masculine look, alternate between beads, woven pieces or cuffs. 

Less Is More 

Rings that are made for men are distinct and noticeable when you wear them, so refrain from wearing too many at the same time. Select masculine ones by going for reconfigured steel rings in different finishes for a varied look. You could also add fossil-like styling for something edgier. 

If you haven’t worn much jewellery before, it might take you some time to experiment to the point you can express your individual style. Following this guide is a great start to getting there. If you’re looking for jewellers in Perth that offer a wide, varied range of men’s jewellery, get in touch with us today. 

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