The Story of an Ecali Ring

The concept for each Ecali ring starts as a spark: a light flickering within the mind of the jeweller, the designer, the partner in love or the passionate client. From its very beginning it serves a valuable purpose – it is saying ‘I love you’, or ‘Thank you’, or ‘You deserve it’.
It showcases a magnificent gemstone or faithfully embodies a sentimental design. This spark is where a lifetime of joy commences.

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Kailis Jewellery

The Kailis name is synonymous with the most sought-after Australian South Sea pearls, each so naturally beautiful they require no treatment of any kind. Every pearl that bears the Kailis brand mark is hand-selected based on five natural virtues of lustre, shape, size, colour and surface  quality.

The Kailis design philosophy is simple -  let the pearl speak. At the heart of every piece of Kailis jewellery is the unrivalled radiance of the Australian South Sea pearl. Kailis create iconic pieces that are expressions of modern luxury. 

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    Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.

    Iris Apfel

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