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In the heart of Perth, Ecali Fine Jewellery stands as a beacon of luxury, elegance, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Our extensive collection of jewellery caters to every taste, occasion, and dream. From the radiance of coloured stone rings to the classic beauty of pearl earrings, Ecali offers a treasure trove of exquisite pieces, each telling its own unique story. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us not just a jewellery store but a destination for those seeking pieces that truly resonate with their personal style and sentiments.

Explore Our Perth Jewellery Collections


The ring, a symbol of promise, style, and personal history, is a central piece in Ecali Fine Jewellery’s collection. Our Perth store offers a diverse range of rings designed to celebrate life’s special moments:

    • Coloured Stone Rings: Discover a spectrum of hues with our coloured stone rings, each piece carefully crafted to highlight the gemstone’s vibrant beauty.
    • Dress Rings: Make a statement with our dress rings, featuring bold designs and exquisite craftsmanship for those moments that call for a touch of elegance.
    • Engagement Rings: Begin your journey together with an engagement ring from Ecali. Our collection ranges from timeless classics to modern designs, including options for engagement rings under $5000, ensuring your proposal is as perfect as your love story.
    • Stacking Rings: Embrace personal expression with our stacking rings, designed to be mixed, matched, and layered for a custom look that’s uniquely yours.
    • Pearl Rings: The timeless elegance of pearls is celebrated in our collection of pearl rings, offering a touch of sophistication for every occasion.
    • Wedding & Eternity Rings: Symbolize your everlasting love with our wedding and eternity rings, crafted with precision and care to last a lifetime.


Earrings have the power to illuminate your face and accentuate your features. Ecali’s selection includes:

    • Coloured Stone Earrings: Add a pop of color to your ensemble with earrings featuring dazzling coloured gemstones.
    • Diamond Earrings: From classic studs to elegant drops, our diamond earrings bring timeless sparkle and sophistication.
    • Gold Earrings: Explore the warm glow of gold earrings in various designs, from sleek and simple to intricate and bold.
    • Pearl Earrings: Embrace the understated elegance of pearl earrings, a versatile choice that transitions effortlessly from day to night


Ecali Fine Jewellery’s necklace collection in Perth is a testament to the beauty and versatility of fine jewellery, offering pieces for every preference:

    • Coloured Stone Necklaces: Our coloured stone necklaces feature gems in every hue, providing a vibrant focal point for any outfit.
    • Diamond Necklaces: The epitome of luxury, our diamond necklaces range from subtle pendants to statement pieces, each designed to catch the light and draw the eye.
    • Pearl Necklaces & Pendants: Classic and contemporary meet in our collection of pearl necklaces and pendants, offering timeless elegance with a modern twist.

Bracelets & Bangles

The perfect complement to any ensemble, our bracelets and bangles in Perth are designed to stand alone or layer beautifully:

    • Diamond & Gemstone Bracelets: Adorn your wrist with our exquisite selection of bracelets featuring diamonds and other precious gemstones set in stunning designs.
    • Diamond & Gold Bangles: Sleek and sophisticated, our bangles in diamond and gold variations offer a touch of elegance that’s both refined and versatile.


Pearls represent the pinnacle of understated luxury and elegance. Ecali Fine Jewellery is proud to present a distinguished collection:

    • Australian South Sea Pearls: Renowned for their size and lustrous beauty, our Australian South Sea pearls are selected for their quality and allure.
    • Tahitian Pearls: Known for their unique colors, Tahitian pearls add an exotic touch to any jewellery piece.
    • Kailis Pearl Jewellery: As an exclusive offering, Kailis Pearl Jewellery combines modern designs with the timeless beauty of pearls, creating pieces that are both striking and elegant.


Men’s Jewellery Perth

Ecali Fine Jewellery extends its expertise to include men’s jewellery, offering stylish options for the modern man:

    • Men’s Rings: From wedding bands to statement pieces, our men’s rings are crafted with attention to detail and quality, ensuring there’s a ring for every man’s taste.
    • Men’s Cufflinks: Perfect for adding a finishing touch to formal attire, our cufflinks range from classic designs to more contemporary styles, all crafted with the same commitment to quality and design.

Special Brands

Ecali Fine Jewellery in Perth is also home to an exclusive selection of special brands, each offering unique designs and exceptional craftsmanship:

    • Ole Lynggaard: This renowned brand is celebrated for its commitment to creativity, quality, and craftsmanship, offering pieces that are both unique and timeless.
    • Bianc: Known for contemporary designs and attention to detail, Bianc jewellery adds a modern touch to classic elegance.
    • Designed Diamonds: Our Designed Diamonds collection features bespoke pieces that are crafted to highlight the natural beauty and brilliance of diamonds, offering unparalleled luxury and style.

Jewellery Perth: Custom Design and Personalisation

At Ecali Fine Jewellery, we believe that every piece of jewellery should be as unique as the individual wearing it. Our bespoke design service allows clients to collaborate with our skilled jewellers to create custom pieces that perfectly capture their vision and style. Whether you’re looking to design a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, a personalized necklace, or custom cufflinks, our team is dedicated to bringing your jewellery dreams to life.

Why Choose Perth Jewellery at Ecali?

Choosing Ecali Fine Jewellery means selecting a partner who understands the importance of quality, craftsmanship, and customer service. Our extensive collection, combined with our bespoke design services and commitment to excellence, ensures that every client leaves our Perth store with a piece of jewellery that exceeds their expectations. With Ecali, you’re not just purchasing jewellery; you’re investing in a piece of art that will be cherished for generations.

Visit Ecali Fine Jewellery in Perth

We invite you to visit our showroom in Perth to explore our stunning collection of jewellery firsthand. Whether you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring, a memorable gift, or a personal statement piece, our experienced team is here to provide you with expert advice and assistance. Discover the unparalleled selection and craftsmanship of Ecali Fine Jewellery’s collection and experience the difference for yourself.

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