The Ecali Signature Collection is our carefully curated collection of stunning jewellery pieces that embody a style or trend in a modern way that only Ecali jewellery can. Carefully hand selected, each Signature Collection represents the epitome of the modern jewellery craft in a wearable and remarkable fashion.

From a statement dress ring to a full suite of jewels, our signature collection gives you access to the latest styles with a variety of options for every need.

Our current signature collection showcases   a variety  of spectacular ring stacks.  With options available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold and featuring white and black diamonds as well as a range of stunning coloured stones, there is sure to be a ring stack to suit your style and budget.

All featured rings can be purchased seperately or in the stack as shown, or perhaps you can come up with your own unique combination.

Whether worn individually or all together, stacking rings are sure to suit any mood or occasion, be it simple and elegant or big and bold!

Fall in love with one of our unique Signature Collection ring stacks or  visit our Subiaco showroom and create your very own.

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