Mix & Match: An Expert Guide To Choosing The Right Jewellery For Any Outfit

Whether you’re going for an elegant, minimalist look for a formal event or just want to channel your inner sophisticated diva, accessorising with jewellery can help you achieve any style you want – if you do it right. There are many jewellers in Perth that offer varieties of pieces that you can choose from, but the magic happens in pairing the right jewellery with the right outfit. 

While accessorising with jewellery comes down to expressing your individual style, there are some guidelines that you should follow if you’re really looking to make a statement. Keep reading to learn how you can nail any look you want by matching the right jewellery with any outfit. 

Complement Your Neckline 

A piece of jewellery adds visual interest to an outfit, but only if it complements its neckline. Wearing jewellery with a clashing neckline can make you look awkward, so here are the guidelines for the kind of jewellery that will best suit the following necklines: 

  • V-neck – Triangle pendant
  • Boat neck – Long chain or pendant
  • Square neck – Low profile pendant 
  • Turtle neck – Earrings & cuffs 
  • Scoop neck – Double Chain Pendant 
  • Sweetheart neck – Mid-length beaded necklace 

Less Is More

You can make sense of this tip however you like, but make sure you keep it in mind. Pay attention to the style of your jewellery. 

If you’re going for simpler pieces of jewellery to match your outfit then feel free to experiment with a few at a time. However, if you’re looking to flaunt something bolder, you can create an elegant focal point by wearing just that.  

Balance Your Look 

One good example is wearing a long pendant over a loose boxy shirt. This creates an elongating effect on an outfit that otherwise can make you look shapeless or boxy. The same goes for your jewellery. If you’re wearing a statement piece on your neck, wear simple, stud earrings to avoid looking gaudy. 

Although, when it comes to fashion, there are no hard and fast rules, sticking by these guidelines can help you maintain a sophisticated and classy look while expressing your individuality.

If you’re looking for fine jewellery in Perth that you can wear with any outfit for any occasion, get in touch with us today. 

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