The Story of an Ecali Ring

The Story of an Ecali Ring

Ecali Ring
"The concept for each Ecali ring starts as a spark: a light flickering within the mind of the jeweller, the designer, the partner in love or the passionate client. From its very beginning it serves a valuable purpose – it is saying ‘I love you’, or ‘Thank you’, or ‘You deserve it’. It showcases a magnificent gemstone or faithfully embodies a sentimental design. This spark is where a lifetime of joy commences. Whether you have a design in mind or want to work collaboratively with our design team to bring your spark to reality, each Ecali ring begins with the most important piece: You.

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From the design to the workshop, your jewellery concept comes to life at the jeweller’s workbench. After viewing a range of gemstones to set into your ring, you can individually select each stone to be set into your ring made from your choice of metal. With your gemstones and materials selected, the jeweller can hand-craft a one-of-a-kind setting to forever capture each glittering stone into a signature ring before hand-setting your feature stones. The piece is then polished ensuring the impeccable finish you expect from a bespoke, handmade piece.

Ecali ring

The story of an Ecali ring does not end once the ring has been made. We provide aftercare safeguarding the ring with regular checks from the jeweller in addition to the certificates required to insure your jewellery for its full value. The life of a bespoke ring truly begins once it is goes to its wearer. It becomes a part of your signature look and a part of your personal history. It is a future heirloom, a family treasure, and more than a piece of jewellery: a memory, an experience, a precious captured moment."


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