The Ecali Signature Collection is our carefully curated collection of stunning jewellery pieces that embody a style or trend in a modern way that only Ecali jewellery can. Hand-selected by our Creative Director, each Signature Collection represents the epitome of the modern jewellery craft in a wearable and remarkable fashion.

From a statement dress ring to a full suite of jewels, our signature collection gives you access to the latest styles with a variety of options for every need.

Our current signature collection is a faithful interpretation of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods, mixing the beaded finishes and playful lines of the Art Deco and the whimsical curves and floral evocations of Nouveau in 18ct white gold and magnificent full-cut diamonds.

This collection brings together the best vintage styling with the use of modern jewellery craftsmanship, meaning the unparalleled finishes and dedication to authentic period features gives you pieces to last a lifetime. The Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements shaped jewellery design in the early decades of the 20th Century and stand as some of the most memorable design eras in history.

Capture your own piece of this incredible period with stunning jewellery from the Ecali Signature Collection.

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