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Beautiful Engagement Rings in Perth

Ecali Fine Jewellery has the largest selection of diamond wedding and engagement rings in Perth, many of them featuring some of the most unique diamond ring designs available.

We have an exquisite array of diamonds to suit all styles and budgets. Besides a wide spectrum of colours, grades of clarity and carats, our diamonds also come in a variety of cuts that will bring out the best in the diamond type and ring design of your choice. In fact, of all the 4 Cs that are key to every diamond – cut, colour, clarity and carat – the cut is the most important, as it maximises the brilliance of a diamond. With that in mind, we have taken special care to provide our customers with a variety of cuts to choose from – round brilliant cut, princess cut, radiant cut, oval cut, Asscher cut and pear cut.

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The perfect engagement ring needs to be beautiful, but more importantly, it needs to complement its wearer and suit her taste and personality. Here at Ecali Fine Jewellery, we pride ourselves not just on our range of engagements rings, but also on our very personal and special shopping experience. We love building a rapport with each and every customer who walks through our door, whether by presenting them with a bottle of champagne with every engagement ring purchase, or offering them ultrasonic cleaning services for life. Perhaps that is why we have such a large base of loyal customers, especially in Perth, who return whenever there is a special occasion, from engagements and weddings to birthdays and anniversaries.

At Ecali Fine Jewellery, each of our diamond wedding and engagement rings have been hand selected for their quality, uniqueness and provenance. And, in addition to our stunning selection, we also create bespoke engagement rings, so if you already have something special in mind, our in-house design consultants and master jeweller would be honoured to bring your special gift of love to life. Nothing is too trivial when it comes to buying an engagement ring, so do come by and visit our showroom in Subiaco, Perth.

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